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Sweet Cinematography, dude.

Short succession of cartoon humor. It reminds me of Reboot (not that it feels antique, more their style of humor plus their style of 3d body-language) This works very well for like a premise to something. Pretty good for the time allotted. The times where things are "mechanical" is more likely a product of not having enough time to polish as the animation that was supposed to draw focus was fairly polished so good on ya.

WooleyWorld responds:

A very spot-on review.

Good analysis of how mixed up everything is and the pics complimented well. And while I am adamantly grateful for my Pschyc 101 class and my Philosophy 101 in art college as the things I learned in them have proved useful in my every day life... that doesn't detract from the point you made. I like that you don't diminish their worth, just question their purpose. (and those things should be taught in highschool anyway, replace calculus, and chemistry. Rather know how I work and how others work than be able to blow stuff up with every day cleaning supplies).

Good atmosphere and backdrops as per usual. I would have loved to see the "cute girl" introduced more prominently to sell the vampire's infatuation. The online dating gags are pretty spot on.

Backdrops as usual are lovely. Shot's no longer feel as crowded(unless purposefully so for an unsettling feel, seemed pretty well placed to me). Don't be too scared to turn up Impact sound effects (Like the punches and throwing around) a bit. So ya really feel them fight scenes. Unless you were trying The No-sound-effects-strictly-music-stylistic-thing. That kinda has to be all or nothin' (limited to no talking). Beautiful step forward composition and over all animation wise.

WooleyWorld responds:

Sound effects were unfortunately an afterthought so you get this weird inbetween of music and action sounds... I'm not a fan.
The next animation should solve these issues... It's something I'm much more proud of and a much tighter scale...

Thank you for your feedback.

You weird, weird, little man. Anywho Spider walk cycles are always a pill but transfer of weight is important (I know, it's easier to cheat, I've cheated... and kinda always regret it). Slow down and watch some spider vids it'll help iffin you don't want to cheat. It is hard to describe, but a good rhythm (Pauses for anticipation, quick succession of events, all with a beat) will display the jokes. Use that music. Animation is music in a visual format and you are a conductor. Never-the-less entertaining delve into the strange psyche that is daydreaming.

WooleyWorld responds:

You didn't know what you were voicing in, did you... :3

Your seawater is gorgeous, dollface. I like the color bacdrop choices too, they imply certain kinds of light now (if that makes any sense). Sound design feels a touch empty for the type of super-deformed Animated bits. You don't have to lay it on thick like ed, edd and eddy but maybe some abstract sound effects upon reactions or a touch of music sting will ad a punch to the humor. (Ignore this if you were going for that sort of atmosphere, I can see how it may be purposeful). Once again, your voicework is dry and funny and correct for the type of animation.

WooleyWorld responds:

I appreciate the review. Yeah I need to work on some of my sound effects.
I'm edging closer and closer to a nice, well rounded animation though. The next one, I think, will achieve this.

Funny stuff. And the gesticulation is very nice.

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks, Warlord.

I like the timing. The short has a good rythm. Felt that some moments could have used sound cues, any perhaps try some camera movemens on some of them action scenes like a very slight pan or zoom before a quick camera cut or motion. Or if you have another idea to add anticipation. Scenes, like animation itself, might need a bit of anticipation to really feel organic. This is pretty small though. I liked the expressions and your VAs did nicely. I wish I knew more about the game in question but I was still satisfactorily entertained.

Congrats on the first, dollface. Admerably captures an artist's simultanious ostentation and low self esteem.

WooleyWorld responds:

You and your big words, missy.

I am a freelance animator/illustrator . My items of interest are "Swingers" and "No Evil" located here on newgrounds and on youtube: also my comic "Brother Swan"

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