Charity Livestream 27th!

2014-09-23 18:08:18 by Warlord-of-Noodles

Alright!  In the process of setting up a charity live stream with rickkmurray and Hikarian  scheduled for September 27th 11 am EST.

You'll be able to get to it here!

the schedule is audience challenges and us three animators working on a collab animation together for Cancer research.   So come join us for a few hours.  Links to be posted.


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2014-09-23 18:48:21

webcomics unite


2014-09-23 21:21:50

Which charity organization will you 3 be donating to? Wait, is this them?
Skeptic I am, I'll look into it, but I'll also be there :)

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

Always research a charity before giving^^


2014-09-24 16:41:38

Checked the other participants in the livestream. Apparently, the goal is to complete an animation and raise $1,000 for Cure Cancer Australia.


2014-09-24 18:00:18

It's quite a worthy goal, and looks to be a fine time!

But really, I'd much rather support the effort to get rid of the cause of cancer, which is unregulated petroleum byproducts. Not against gasoline or plastics, I'm against using it for agriculture... and that terrible mix they use to power passenger jets.


2014-12-19 01:10:49

I should have a new paycheck by then, and I should be able to afford a few bucks, but even if I cannot, I will spread the word, and see if I can drum up a few more viewers for you guys.

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

This is long over with. sorreh