commonly asked question special 02

2014-05-28 18:32:08 by Warlord-of-Noodles


On with the Q and A!

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2014-05-28 21:08:08

Shirts look great, better than I would've imagined... but then I thought, "It's a picture of a furry! Can't wear that!" Stupid 21st century, we used to call them anthropomorphic characters... I'm over 40, so that's working against me :(

Very nice Q n A, better than last time! You should keep adding songs to your Bandcamp, that would be rad. Ben Passmore should do likewise |:


2014-05-29 17:32:33

Your Q&As are great, I'd love to hear more of them!


Also, I recently donated a few dollars to you, can I confirm that you received it?

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:


I'm sure I did.


2014-05-30 19:04:55

Moonie? Never heard that nickname before, but I do agree on that way of thinking :P.
Great Q&A, it's fun to listen to.

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

It's an old one. Purposely picked something pretty old and, on the whole, benign. The Sailor Moon fandom has kinda plateaued and won't bite someone's head off at the drop of a hat.... Not sure I can say that of it's contemporary equivalent.

It's much too easy for unrelated negative/deceptive attributes to be tacked onto a label. Humans can't just enjoy things, they have to demean people for liking things they don't like, and they have to exclude people who don't like the things they do. It gets to the point where labeling yourself tells more lie than truth.