SUBTITLES and new news

2014-04-09 15:10:51 by Warlord-of-Noodles

Youtube version WITH SUBTITLES. Turn on CC. For those of you who want them.

If you where interested in supporting me and my brother you can purchase Wayfaring Stranger by going here
You can get the version without sound effects or the one with just the drum for $.50 if you click on the individual track links.  Or both for a $1.00.

Anywho! I'm working on stores and the "Judgement" comic.  Which is in the Proofing stage, so it's close to being done.  Next big "No evil" animation You'll get to enjoy the antics of "McCoy" again.... should be fun.


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2014-04-09 17:26:27

Do you plan on going back to the Swingers series you made? This new series of animations seems much more successful. Anyways good series, congratulations on Wrip an' Vinkle winning Daily Pick, and 1st place in weekly users choice, aaand the Review Crew Pick, it deserved them all.


2014-04-09 19:35:45

I gotta say, "Wrip an' Winkle" was really good! By far, one of the better of your animations.


2014-04-09 21:10:01



2014-04-10 03:03:15

that way


2014-04-14 20:52:06

Sorry, I meant to ask this in my reveiw but what were those two songs mixed in. I'm pretty sure one was wayfaring stranger but the other?


2014-05-01 08:51:01

great job with animating! keep up the good work


2014-05-06 09:29:18

Hey, my name is Sam, and I was wondering if you could take a look at an animatic I have made. I love your videos, and I really admire your style of animation. Anyway, I'm just entering the animation world, and I'm reaching out to you in hope that you could give me some feedback or advise. On either my animation, or just animation in general. Here's the link.


2014-05-10 19:22:37

Is there an MP3 of the musical portion of the video anywhere? Id love to haveone if there is.