Because I feel the need to make a list.

2013-11-26 17:23:14 by Warlord-of-Noodles

Kaaay! As everyone else I'm sure, Holidays throw a chaos butterfly in my schedule. But! In the queue!

Voice recording for the next two "No Evil"
"Judgement" Comic.
Closed Captions coding for the youtube videos.
Brother Swan (kinda low on the list Since I have to be very careful about what I reveal, and due to home stuff, I have lost some of my notes).

As per usual Commissions and my Job take priority, so a schedule is practically laughable at this point. But I'll leave you with the stupid animation I just uploaded as I am going in the hole again and may be quiet for a while.


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2013-11-26 18:10:52

Happy an unexpectedly happy Thanksgiving! Take time to stop and smell the poppies!


2013-11-26 18:49:56

Your content is always worth the wait. Rock on, and thanks for the update!


2013-11-28 06:50:09

Happy Thanksgiving! I sure hope it is a small and beautiful butterfly.


2013-12-03 22:14:53

Your artwork is simply beautiful and i just want to say you inspired me to try telling my own stories..i dont know how but one day ill share them with the world


2013-12-06 02:11:32

YAY! You are awesome. Keep doin what cha doin.


2013-12-08 21:22:18

Love all of your work Warlord! You have inspired my own ideas on animation, ideas that I hope to begin on within the next few years. I'm sorry I interpreted your recent video Winter wrong, I'd delete the review if I could!

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

Ppppffft. It's a hard riddle. Most folks are leaning the way you were though.


2013-12-25 15:42:15

Merry Christmas dear :3


2014-01-19 20:31:01

your art and animation style is amazing!! i love it very inspiring! never stop!!


2014-03-30 20:30:48

Pleeeeeeeaaaase continne your swingers series. It was my favorite show to watch in all of newgrounds.