Commonly Asked Questions Special 01

2013-08-31 00:42:35 by Warlord-of-Noodles

Figure I'd do this up to let you know I'm still putzing along.

Mr. Shoes is still looking for the song.


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2013-08-31 01:15:25

Warlord of Noodles, Ruler or the Holy Ramen Empire, and upkeeper of the Sacred Maruchan!


2013-08-31 03:48:54

Wow, almost 2,500 fans, about time :) A bit long, could've use a tad of editing or a timelimit, but those names!! You answered some good questions, and had some fun talking shop, thanks for the audio update!


2013-08-31 05:01:43

lol what's so special about Animator's Survival Kit? it's just some few tips here and there on animating! nothing that much special about it!


2013-08-31 06:06:09

The guy below me obviously doesn't know the importance Richard Williams holds within the animation industry.
The Animator's Survival Kit is crucial, as it's over 30 years of focused study. If you don't retain much information from a single page, then perhaps you're just not an animator/illustrator.


2013-08-31 13:57:10

Always nice to have little commentary/behind the scenes stuff every now and then. There are some cases where it can be just as entertaining or valuable as the content itself. It also makes a great stopgap between content releases that don't require uber amounts of time to publish.

Also, some random rambling!

Animation is a whole different beast from the tools used. Knowing how to work with Flash, or other fancy stuff won't help help anyone become a better animator (faster maybe, but not better). 99% of it is just practice and studying motion. It goes most smoothly if you just worry about doing stuff you think looks cool. Fan works are never a bad idea in terms of finding things to do content on... that's how I started out.


2013-10-23 22:59:11

Thanks for the brief look into the thought put into your awesome video. I love your use of Mythology and literature, I found it inspiring and motivating for my own creative drive. Much luck and love, can't wait for your video.


2013-10-24 21:31:54

Congratulations, you have 3 entries in the Portal's Top 50 Best of all Time :) And somehow you've never gotten King of the Portal?!

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

Faff if i know how NG works... I'm just "floatin' along uploadin' mah songs".... and animations, as it were.


2013-10-25 14:57:21

Betsy, I absolutely love your voice and your animation. Thank you for bringing us that world of yours.